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Basic Bankruptcy Information

Before residents of PA can seek out bankruptcy as a viable option, it is important to fully understand exactly what bankruptcy is. In basic terms, a bankruptcy is defined as a legal proceeding that is only for individuals that are struggling to pay their bills and meet their minimal obligations.


This type of legal action is designed to offer new beginnings for those PA residents that are drowning in debt. Every resident has the right by law to file for bankruptcy and begin to get back their financial freedom. Each and every bankruptcy case that is filed in PA is handled in federal court. This means that all individuals pursuing bankruptcy should look into finding an experienced attorney to help them with this procedure.

The person that actually files for bankruptcy is referred to as a debtor and there are many things that can happen during this type of legal filing. Filing for bankruptcy will enable Biglerville residents facing financial strain to have many of their debts completely removed.


In some bankruptcy filings, the debtor even has the ability to retain their property and possessions, which is a better alternative than having them lost to creditors. Some bankruptcy filings even result in debtors being allowed to extend repayment of debt as long as regular income is maintained.

Once you have decided to file for bankruptcy in PA your next consideration must be for the type of filing that you want to choose. There are two main types of bankruptcy that are most popular and they are often referred to as Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Each type of bankruptcy offers different advantages and disadvantages for PA residents looking to get rid of debt.

Filing for Chapter 13 allows debtors to have the most probability of retaining all their property and possessions. This type of bankruptcy filing involves creating a repayment plan that is designed to help you pay off your debt. This repayment plan is extended over a period of time that is often 3 to 5 years in length. At the end of the repayment plan, any debt that is not paid off will often be discharged. You plan of repayment must show how you will pay off both current and past debt based on your current income. This type of bankruptcy filing is so popular, because it is the best way to keep you property when getting out of debt.

If any of these are familiar to you, it is possible that Chapter 13 is the best option:


• Are a home owner, but are facing debt that might cost you your PA residence.

• Can’t get caught up with your payments and are constantly paying late or not paying at all.

• Have a regular income, which can also include government benefit packages.


These are all common scenarios from individuals that get the most benefit from filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If these don’t completely explain your financial situation there might be a better option.

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